Harn, Aksesori Setia Sdn. Bhd.

Plot 32, Lengkok Rishah 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Silibin, 30100 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Tel 05-527 6055
Fax 05-527 6063
Email info@harn.com

Harn was established in 1994. Our ranges of drawer runner systems are suitable for a wide variety of requirements and have since established ourselves as the leading producer of drawer runner systems in Asia. Harn is synonym with quality and innovations as such the drawer runner systems are well accepted by cabinet makers of all sizes internationally.

We envision Harn drawer runner systems installed in every home and workplace furniture, enriching the lifestyles of its users. Harn products are encompassed around quality, reliability and innovations. It is our goal to constantly improve both products and services to deliver a higher value to our customers. We strongly believe that all relationships should be mutually beneficial and conduct ourselves with integrity.

We are focused strongly on our customers’ requirements. Our drawer runners are manufactured to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. We have an extensive Quality Management System in place.

The drawer runner systems are submitted for tests to major certification standards such as LGA and FIRA to ensure it meets and exceeds the required industry standards. This is our assurance to our customers that the drawer runner systems are of high quality and durability.L

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