A H Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

2, Jalan Meranti Jaya 9, Taman Industri Meranti Jaya, 47100, Puchong, Selangor

Tel 03-8061 9300
Fax 03-8061 5085
Email aheng@streamyx.com

AHE was formed in 1993 by Allan L.F. Hee graduated in England major in Industrial Engineering. The Technical Manager has been a Press Shop Engineer for 3 years specialized in hydraulic and mechanical punching and forming process of metal parts in Allied Auto Parts, Shah Alam. In 1992, he formed his own company specializing in marketing cutting, forming and lamination presses. Our agency since 1993 is “Sysco” Hydraulic Die Cut Press and Plastic Card Manufacturing Systems and in 1996 is “Head Sun” Die Cut Press and Vacuum Forming Machine from Hong Kong . In 1997, we were appointed as Jing Day Agent on Rubber Moulding Press. In 1999, we were appointed as Jie Shuen, Guillotine Machine Agent. In 2000, we were appointed as agent for Prosperous” Presses from Hsin Lien Sheng, Taiwan . In 2002, we were appointed as Kao Yeh Agent in Slitting and Rewinding Machine for textile related converting.

Our company core business:
•  To market quality presses for die cutting, forming and lamination to suit customer requirements and to provide good technical support for our customers and machines alike with the stock of essential spare parts and continuous improvement on machine and system knowledge on our personnels.
•  We grow with our customer through mutual beneficial and partnership with good product, service and support on long-term basis.

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