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Welcome to the website of Asian Biodiversity Center (ABC)! This website is set up to showcase breadth and depth of Biodiversity in Malaysia.

In our generation, people are increasingly looking for innovative approaches to conserve and optimise rapidly dwindling resources. Therefore, ABC conceives the idea and has been taking progressive approach to launch a portal that endeavours to draw diverse group of people into the same platform to capture exchange and utilise biodiversity data in Malaysia for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

ABC Launches Sightings Repository System
ABC is setting up a new sighting website to encourage public to share places that filled with the wonders of nature and amazing wildlife species. Our focus is to facilitate communication between people sharing a common interest for nature and wildlife and also provide a platform or stimulating environment where users can easily add detailed or initial observations, share knowledge and insights and learn from a rich and dynamic content. In the future, we also aim to make this platform as one of the leading hub for academic research on biodiversity.

To kick start the program, we have chosen Malaysia as the first country to begin with. Malaysia is located in the centre of Southeast Asia, home to a vast range of tropical rainforest that is teeming with the wonders of nature. The amazing wildlife species found in this region have long been the fascination of researchers and explorers around the world. Divided into Peninsular Malaysia in the west and Borneo in the east, its natural heritage has been the subject of countless documentaries and continues to yield astounding discoveries today. The great diversity of wild lives and natural heritage in Malaysia are well worth to be recorded.

ABC sighting gives you a feeling of achieving, as you will be part of the teams that constructs the record for the nature and wildlife in Malaysia Come and join us to complete the challenges to discover the amazing biodiversity in Malaysia.

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