Bharat Curry House

27 & 29, Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

Tel 07-357 9619
012-723 5360
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BHARAT Curry House, located at Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, opened its doors for business in Taman Mount Austin three years ago, but it was only on Sept 11 last year that it  started the fine dining section.
Restaurant owner S. Sharmini, 38, assures patrons that the dishes are not only freshly-cooked but affordably-priced even though it is served in the fine dining section.
“We decided to offer a fine dining section due to popular demand from our patrons. The cozy ambience in this part of the restaurant makes it ideal for corporate functions and meetings,” said Sharmini.

The restaurant has two master chefs, both from India. They are S.K. Abulsattar, 29, from Calcutta, who has 12 years of culinary experience and specialises in northern Indian fare, and  T. Kamalanathan, 35, with 10 years’ culinary experience and specialising in southern Indian dishes.

On the menu, one can find a host of popular dishes including roti canai, chicken varuval and dum briyani.
“Our dum briyani is much sought-after by the diners.  When my husband and I were in India several years ago, we tasted numerous briyani dishes there,” said Sharmini.
“The briyani dish we had in Calcutta was the best.  So we had a talk with the chef and luckily for us, Abulsattar accepted our offer to come to Johor to work in our restaurant.”

The dum briyani is cooked with the chicken inside a pot and patrons have a choice of either chicken, mutton, prawn, fish or egg briyani.

Also on the menu is the Bharat Special, a Bengali classic which sees the spring chicken being marinated with a secret blend of spices.
“The dish is available in a full portion or half portion of the chicken, and is served together with kurma curry, raita (a mixture of yoghurt, onion, cucumber and carrot)  and brinjal gravy.

There is also the Thali meal which features a selection of 10 dishes served on a round steel tray with multiple compartments.  Among the dishes on the tray are chapati, sambar, inji puli, apalam, tairu and rasam. Sharmini said the restaurant serves halal meat.

“The ingredients are rich in herbs and spices, which are good for one’s health.  In the Tamil language, Bharat means a gift, and that is why we named our restaurant Bharat as we feel that our meals are a gift to the diners,” she said.
The restaurant operates from 7am to midnight daily.   For further enquiries, call 07-357 9619.

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