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The essence of biotechnological culture, in providing a vigorous and holistic solution to the challenges faced by the farming world, has brought about a revolution in the agricultural industry.

Agricultural biotechnology is rightfully given prominence in the National Biotechnology Policy, as part of the Government’s focus on revitalizing and transforming the agriculture sector to becoming one of the main thrusts of growth.

Biotechnological organic farming holds the key to this value creation and enhancement.

This innovative technology used to creating high yield, high value farm produce has also brought about a new perception and expectation amongst consumers, whose awareness of the importance of total healthy living is continually and rapidly rising.

With biotechnology, comes the assurance of higher-yielding clones, exotic breeds of livestock, superior quality fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as new high value-added products.

Doing away with chemical-based fertilizers and enhancers, this state-of-the-art farming innovation also promises a safe, clean and sustainable environment plus the heartening prospect of healthy, nutritional agricultural food produce.

It is envisioned that the private sectors lead the growth and development through investing and establishing businesses in strategic parts of the value chain, to help fortify the foundation of agricultural biotechnology.

The Vision of Bio Desaru is to be the Location in the region as an Integrated Biotech-Driven Agro Food Producing Hub and an Agro-Tourism Destination by year 2015.

Its mission, thus, is to complement the Johor State Government’s effort to intensify the value chain of the region through extensive and effective employment of modern technology in commercialized farming, with due focus on Bio-Security and eco-conservation.

Bio Desaru will strive for a sustainable development in agro and eco cultures, bringing about a value change on quality food, healthy living, social economy and education.

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