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No.72A, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One (Opposite University Tunku Abdul Rahman), Block J, Unit 29-G (Ground Floor), 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel 03-7956 8989
Fax 03-7956 0989

The Experts Group Pte Ltd, with a paid up capital of S$1,000,000 (excluding sister companies), was born out of an amalgamation of different experts that understand:

– High-Performance Audio and Home entertainment
– Creative Interior Designs and Customized Installations
– International Sales & Marketing

The Experts Group aims to bring together world-class brands and products from the global markets, through a complex operation that covers distribution, warehousing, boutique retail outlets and interior design, combining them into superior audio-video systems and living spaces, to deliver the very best in sensory pleasures and high cultures.

Our Mission
To help everyone in creating the most entertaining homes.

Our Identity
Our corporate symbol is inspired by Epicurus (341-271 BCE), one of the major Greek philosophers in the Hellenistic period. Epicurus was one of the forefathers that saw the basic constituents of the world as atoms – the very basic and indivisible bits of all Matter.

Elements of Epicurean philosophy influenced various thinkers and diverse movements throughout the entire Western intellectual and philosophy history. Epicurus further advocated skepticism was untenable, and that we could understand the world better by relying upon our Senses. Epicurus also believes that the greatest good lies in the seeking of modest pleasure. With the use of the Epicurus as our icon, we seek to follow the ideals of Greek-Roman philosophers and strive to be the purveyors of high culture.

Our Simple Promise
We strive to serve our customer with pride, integrity and utmost respects.
We seek to deliver the best products, contributing to the auditory-visual and
sensory pleasures of our customers.
We deliver pride and sense of actualization that comes with the ownership one of our products.

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