Budi Feed Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 11940, Jalan Perajurit 1, Off Jalan Perajurit, Kampung Tengah, Teluk Gong, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel 03-3134 1081
Fax 03-3134 1070
Email budifeed@budifeed.com

Budi Feed Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in July 2008. It is fully Malaysian-owned and is manage by an experienced team who have vast experience dealing with edible oils and fats. We have undertaken investment in a manufacturing venture to produce a value-added finished animal feed product called Calcium Salt for the export market. Calcium Salt is a popular animal feed supplement especially suited for dairy cows to enhance and increase their milk production. With the ever increasing global demand for milk and dairy products, we are confident that our investment in the food related industry is the right business venture for us. Our mission is to produce a world class product for the global market using locally available raw materials and expertise by applying cost effective and innovative manufacturing techniques. Currently there are a limited number of manufacturers locally and overseas producing and marketing this product and we are confident that our product will be well received by our targeted customers overseas.   Once our initial production line achieves the desired efficiency, we will be adding additional production lines in order to achieve economies of scale. In this respect, we have invested in an industrial land and building of 9,900m2 in Telok Gong, Port Klang. The total capital expenditure incurred for the plant is around RM5.7 million consisting of the industrial land and building, plant and machineries and auxiliary equipment. The installed capacity of the plant is 2,000mt per month. The factory construction and machinery installation were completed in late 2009 and the plant was commissioned and commenced operations in mid-January 2010, with the first container load exported to United Stated undertaken in February 2010. Given that the product we manufactured is a promoted product, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (‘MIDA”) had on 22nd March 2010 approved us as a Pioneer Status company, wherein we are given 100% tax exemption on our statutory income for a period of 5 years. This tax exemption will further enhance the bottom line of this business venture. Given that 100% of the product will be exported, initially to United States and Canada, whereby our product has to comply with stringent regulations, we are currently in the process of undertaking certification under the Malaysian Certification Scheme for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP) for our manufacturing operations and processes. 

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