Calart Engineering Sdn. Bhd.(906553-M)

No. 29, Jalan Industries Mas 2, Taman Mas Puchong, 47130, Puchong, Selangor

Tel 03-8068 7968
012-369 0268
Fax 03-8068 3966

Cal Art Profile Systems offers a simple solution to machine buildings and industrial automation equipments. Reasons behind the simplicity are the high quality and many advantages of aluminium profile to welded structures. Cal Art Profiles are corrosion free, scratch resistant, naturally anodized, economical and flexible to construct with our joint elements.

In addition to a considerable production and sale of the system individual elements, Cal Art also produces and markets a wide range of finished assembled units for machine builder.

With more than 12 years of experience in constructing aluminium profile system, Cal Art also provides an intensive range of accessories and connecters to complement Cal Art Profile. When compared to the pioneers of profile systems like Bosch and Item, Cal Art profile is the best profile in Asia to serve our customers with a shorter lead-time.

Our trained engineers will be able to provide you with a concept design and application engineering when u specify Cal Art Profile Systems. We have the experiences to assist you in the proper selection of elements.

With the wide range of profile section and its connecting element, coupled with good surface finishes, profile and fitting only the imagination sets limits to the possibilities.

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