Century Carbon & Engineering Parts Sdn. Bhd.

24, Lengkok Kapal, Chain Ferry Industry Park, 12100, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

Tel 04-331 4813
04-333 0713
Fax 04-331 2468
Email info@centurycarbon.com

Products & Services

Carbon Brushes
For Industrial AC & DC Motors, Automotive Industries, Power Tools

Carbon Vanes
Vanes for Dry Running Compressor & Pumps for the Petrochemical, Printing & Packaging Industries

Carbon Mechanical Seals
Seal for Pumps, Rotary Joints etc

Motor Slip-Ring & Commutator
Manufacture Slip-Rings & Commutators

Mechining Facilities
We have CNC Milling, Turning & Gringing Facilites to fabricate Replacement Parts of Metal, Plastics & Insulating Materials

Maintenance & Repairs
– Undertake repairs & maintenance of AC/DC Electric Motors
– Repair & Sevicing Compressors & Pumps
– Lapping of Mechanical Seals : Silicon Carbide/Tungsten and Ceramics
– On-site Motor Slip-Ring & Commutators Grinding & Mica Undercutting

Provide free Consultation Services on Carbon Brush Grades Selection and Applications

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