Century Chemical Works Sendirian Berhad

Mk1, Lot 1026, Lorong Perusahaan Dua, Prai Industrial Complex Prai, 13609, Province Wellesley, Prai, Pulau Pinang

Tel 04-390 7966
Fax 04-390 7817
Email info@century-chemical.com

Century Chemical Works Sdn Bhd is a joint-venture concern between Japanese and Malaysian industrialists that manufacturers powdered activated carbon under the registered trade name MALBON.

From 3 lines in 1972 with annual output of 2000 M/T, the company has since then expanded to 8 lines by year 2005. The total combined production capacity is now being increased to 13,000 M/T with a high technology production facility in place, managed by a team of highly skilled, competent and dedicated staff. As a strategic move towards meeting increased market demands for supreme quality Powdered Activated Carbon, an acid washing plant had been constructed in year 2012.

Century Chemicals Works has established close manufacturing and technical collaboration with Japan EnviroChemical(JEC), one of Asia’s foremost producers of activated carbons.

MALBON Powdered Activated Carbon is practical and economical, providing effective purification in terms of removing unwanted colours, odour or other impurities from liquids or solutions.
Carbon was well-known for its adsorption qualities long before the discovery of the activation process. Activation, either physical or chemical, greatly enhances the absorption powers of ordinary carbon. MALBON’s adsorption process is physical without any chemical change. MALBON Activated Carbon is produced through steam activation, using carefully selected sawdust charcoal from various tropical wood species as the base material.

The excellent adsorption power of MALBON Activated Carbon is due to extremely large internal pore surface area which varies from 800 to 1200 M2/gm depending on the grades.

Several advantages such as flexibility and economy are apparent in MALBON Activated Carbon with the ability of products to be tailored specifically to the user’s requirements.

A selection of the different grades of MALBON Activated Carbon are presented in this publication to enable the user to choose the product best suited to his needs.

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