Effigen Carbon Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 4817, Batu 15 1/2, Jalan Sungai Janggut, 42200, Kapar, Selangor

Tel 03-3250 9869
Fax 03-3250 9895
Email sales@effigencarbon.com

Effigen was first founded by Mr. S. H. Choo and Mr. Jayathilaka through a dynamic partnership of  innovative talent and relentless entrepreneurship. Choo of Malaysia, is a chemical engineer, while Jayathilaka from Sri Lanka is an established chemists. Both men had accumulated many years of field experience in activated carbon industry before coming into a partnership, forming a team of experienced talents back in 1996. Since then, this synergy partnership of a dynamic and innovative force is making a reliable statement in international activated carbon trade.

Market Segment
Effigen is currently among the most reliable names of international activated carbons supplier, with 95% of Effigen activated carbons exported to Japan, European Union countries, Taiwan and Australia. This is due to its ability to extend uninterrupted supply of application specific activated carbons, with good management and marketing strategy regionally and internationally. Another 5% of Effigen carbons is used by industrial users in Malaysia.

Quality Statement
The modern production facilities coupled with impressive knowledge is the significant factor in the enhanced quality of Effigen activated carbons. Thus we are able to meet standards and needs of the most demanding multinational corporation clientele from aerospace to agriculture, food and beverage to petrol chemical. Our commitment to consistent quality and competitive pricing, have forged strong bond of trust between Effigen and its business associates.

Team & Experience
Research and Development
The sparks of a solid partnership between a chemical engineer and a chemist since its founding days is carried on at Effigen. With an inherent culture that emphasis on research and development. The commitment and ability to put in the extra efforts has been one the strategic advantages of Effigen in the marketplace in offering value added services.

Experienced Senior Staff
The current Factory Manager himself has 15-year of practical experience in activated carbons manufacturing. Providing support in process control, quality control and, ensuring consistency in quality and on time delivery.

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