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b) Erapoly Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (413124-K)
c) Erapoly Oil & Fats Sdn. Bhd. (829896-X)
d) Erafeed Sdn. Bhd. (746407-K)

ORGACIDS is long acting acidifier and acidulant. It is consist of lactic acid, formic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid and orthophosphoric acid.

This unique acidifier reduces pH in good content and maintain its acidifier throughout the GIT. This is helping in digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is the first product worldwide patented for killing food and mouth disease. It is also killing harmful bacteria such as salmonella, e. coli and etc In feed and GIT increase beneficial bacteria eg LAB which translate to improvement of growth and FCR.

Orgacids is environmental friendly, it reduce foul smell and moisture of feaces.

Orgacids is use in sow, piglet, swine, duck, broiler, layer, parent stock, dairy cow, beef cow, sheep, fish and etc.

Powder Fat
This powder Dry-Fat is produced from 100% RBD Palm Stearin which are non-hydrogenated, cholesterol free, Non GMO and trans-fatty acids free.

Calcium Soap
Extima Star is a rumen protected fat in granulated dry form, with high calcium content. It is palatable and free flowing. Normally it is added to dairy cow or goat as the daily “High Energy Diets” to produce higher milk yield.

Extima Star also improving pregnancy rate, reduce heat stress and avoid fatty liver among ruminants.

Red Fibre Oil:
This 100% natural Red Fibre Oil was extract from Palm Fibre. It is a medium chain fatty acids which is use in Feed Formulation to exploit extra benefits of it Phytonutrients.

Red Fibre Oil contain very high concentration of Natural Phytonutrients such as beta carotene ( ≥1000 ppm) and vitamin E ( ≥1000 ppm which mainly toco-trienol), which can contributes higher Metabolize able Energy (ME) and promote better pigmentation and retention.

Red Fibre Oil provide natural pigmentation to enhance egg yolk color and also broiler “Shank” color. This is a high energy sourer which promote high growth and breeding performance. It also improve immense system and resistance to disease.

Emulsion Based Calf and Doe Doser to Enhance Immunity

Mamimune™ is an emulsion based calf doser for use in new born calf and doe as a natural nutritional supplement. Most of neonate losses occurred during the first 3 days of age due to various factors. The main one being due to low glycogen depot during parturition and calf need to compete for colostrums. Intake of colostrums before 12 hour of age is crucial for the calves since this is the only way calves can derive maternal antibodies from the cow, goat and sheep. Mamimune™ is designed to provide vital nutritional requirement to new born calves during the first few day of life. The plant extract in Mamimune™ is able to enhance the immunity of animal.

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