Excel Seeds (SEL) Sdn. Bhd.

12-4, Setia Avenue, No 2, Jalan Setia Prima Su 13/3, Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170, Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel 03-3348 8841
03-3348 8842
012-388 0089
Fax 03-3342 9418
Email andy@excelgroup.com.my

Our Background
We are a company specializing in manufacturing and distributing both chemical and organic fertilizers. For the past 10 yeras, our high standards have driven us to never compromise on quality (choice of materials) of our products. Due to this commitment, the company has managed to export the products to countries including Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Sri Lanka, and so on.

Through constant efforts in research and development, we undertake to develop the most effective products in terms of product quality and consistency.Extensive research and field tests are conducted on an on-going basic, particularly with regar to new products. We concentrate mainly in the area of food crops horticulture, fruit trees and other intensive crops.

And because we believe in working with our customers as part of a team where we are able to identify the unique needs of each individual customers and come up with specific solutions to meet their particular needs.This helps endear us with our customers, creating a trusted bond that has been carefully natured and strengthened over time.

Futher, our well established Research and Development facilities help complement our efforts towards providing our customers the perfect solution to all their fertilizer needs. Our team professional experts are ever ready to provide you with the right advice and guidance to meet your specific requirements.

In terms of partnerships, we are always prepared to consider synergistic relationships that will be of mutual benefit to both parties. We bring along with us extensive experince in strategic planning, marketing, engineering technology, raw material purchasing and implementation.

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