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Canopy / Tent / Gazebo

These products are usually made from high quality canvas material like PVC Tarpaulin, Heavy Duty Vnylon Tarpaulin & 1000 Dtex PVC that can withstand our harsh tropical weather of heavy rain and strong sunshine.
For the structures, we use Painted or Galvanized MS Hollow Section, and even lightweight Aluminum Structures that are specially designed according to specification tailored to our clients’ requirement.

Canvas House
We design and build Canvas Houses of any size for businesses, to serve as a function hall or even as a “canvas type concept” hostel for training camp. We ensure only the best quality canvas materials are used for this product for durability. These structures are built according to industrial safety specifications which are endorsed by professional structural engineers to ensure structural integrity and reliability for our clients.

Canvas Products
We make anything you can think of using canvas due to the nature of canvas being a very versatile building material. We customize everything from normal canvas cover for cricket field, canvas cover for low ride truck, army truck, special cover for speed boat, water tank, and heavy duty flexible connection hose and for many other applications. Our mission is to customize and fabricates the canvas cover that are suitable for your needs.

Retractable Awning
Come rain or shine, our Motorized Awning will keep you covered! We only use imported European Retractable Awning Systems to ensure reliability and un-interrupted performance. You can have peace of mind without having to worry about system failure when you need it most. We GUARANTEE PERFORMANCE.

Fixed Fabric Awning
Our Fixed Fabric Awning system not only prevents excessive sunlight into your home, office or business, we also help you go GREEN! By reducing sunlight penetration, it will help to reduce your air-conditioning bills, helping you save money and be environmental friendly as well!
Our Fixed Fabric Awning system can also be added to the design and enhance the outlook of your premises.

Commercial Curtain
Our Commercial Curtains are made using only Heavy Duty Material to withstand the daily rigorous abuse from the harsh and busy working environment of commercial area like factory or warehouse. We can design manual and even motorized curtain according to your requirements.

Umbrella / Parasol

From the everyday Beach Umbrella to the Giant Parasol, we have a complete range of umbrella or parasol for you to choose from. We provide you with a wide range of product, from a standard item in our catalogue to a customized version especially for you.

Tension Membrane Structure & Shade Sail
This is a state-of-the-art canvas product that is currently popular among designers and architects in the market today. This is due to its unique and light weight structure design; it is very attractive and can be designed to almost any shape and size to your specification. The designs are reviewed using sophisticated computer software to ensure its structural integrity and are endorsed by professional structural engineers prior to construction.

Polycarbonate & Specialize Structural Steelworks
We also specialize in Customized Structural Steelworks like Giant Billboard, Metal Structural Works, Customized Metal Platform, Polycarbonate roofing and etc.

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