Green Energy Resources Sdn. Bhd.

12, Jalan Bayu 6, Bandar Seri Alam, 81750, Masai, Johor

Tel 07-387 7880
012-473 4118
Fax 07-386 4918

GREEN ENERGY RESOURCES SDN. BHD. is a leading supplier of products and services in the global oil and gas production industry since 1986. Its core expertise and activities are geared towards helping clients utilize alternative sources of energy like natural gas, bio‐gas, and syn‐gas, in the application of reciprocating engines and compressors & power Generators.

Operating out from Singapore since formation, the HQ was move back to Malaysia in 2008. The Company has acquire a 2 acres factory space for its power equipment assembly and packaging in Southern Johor. which will go into production in late 2013.

With the rising cost of fuel, especially in diesel oil, the use of bio‐methane generated from agricultural waste to power engines has proven to be a very attractive alternative. The price of natural gas is relatively inexpensive and with proper technologies, diesel engines can be converted to run on these gases. In the South‐East Asia region, palm oil obtained from the agricultural sector has shown much promise as an alternative fuel to power IC engines. The company has much expertise in using technologies to run diesel engines on methyl esters obtained from palm oils as an alternative to diesel fuel oil. With this win‐win situation, the company hopes to capture a major share of the energy market especially in the South‐East Asia region.

The technical staff in the company are well‐trained and are able to handle all the electrical, instrumentation & controls, Routing maintenance and troubleshooting are availiable from the Green Energy Resources. We aslo provide equipment outright sale or lease purchase agreement. A comprehensive package of field maintenance and contracting capabilities can be arranged to ensure you benefit the after‐sales service.

Products and Services
>    Biogas and Syngas Production Solution.
>    Gaseous Fuel Power Plant Solution.
>    Gasification of Cellulose and Organics
>    System Integration – PRS , CNG Compression and Muli‐fueling retrofit and upgrades.
>    Biogas, Syngas and Ethanol Engine Configuration and Retrofit

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