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INTEGRATED ENERGY INDUSTRIES PTE LTD. is a leading supplier of products and services in the global oil and gas production industry since 1986. Its core expertise and activities are geared towards helping clients utilize alternative sources of energy like natural gas, bio-gas, and bi-fuel technologies in the field of reciprocating engines and compressors.
Conversion Projects

Gas Engines
We have many years of experience in successfully implementing conversion projects for major corporations both in the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Environmental, Energy and Agricultural Sectors. Our expertise have been much sought after especially in the light of the current rising energy fuel price and damaging environmental global warming issues.

In utilizing agricultural waste for producing natural gas as a fuel source, many companies have realized substantial savings in operation costs.

Gas Compression
The company has also gone into bottling natural gas for use in vehicles like trailers and generator engines. Our expertise includes gas compression, power generation and process equipment.

Build-Operate-Transfer Contracts
Seeking long term relations with clients, the company has gone into major contractual agreements to build-operate-transfer diesel engine retrofits to realize the potentially huge energy savings to the users.

Power Generation
With the rising cost of fuel, especially in diesel oil, the use of natural gas generated from agricultural waste to power the engines has proven to be a very attractive alternative. The price of natural gas is relatively inexpensive and with the proper technologies, diesel engines can be converted to run on these gases.

In the South-East Asia region, palm oil obtained from the agricultural sector has shown much promise as an an alternative fuel to power diesel engines. The company also has much expertise in using technologies to run diesel engines on methyl esters obtained from palm oils as an alternative to diesel fuel oil.

With this win-win situation, the company hopes to capture a major share of the energy market especially in the South-East Asia region.

Technical Expertise
The technical experts in the company are well-trained and are able to handle all the electrical, instrumentation & control servicing and troubleshooting when doing the retrofit.

Sale or Lease
Equipment can be arranged for either sale or lease. A comprehensive package of field maintenance and contracting capabilities can be arranged.

Subsidiaries and Affiliates
The group of companies which operates under INTEGRATED ENERGY INDUSTRIES PTE LTD.,is engaged in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas, Medical, as well as the Utility and Power Industries.

Its subsidiary and affiliate companies are involved in precision component fabrication, pumps, mechanical seals, mixers & agitators, microprocessor instruments & smart controls, elastomer & polymer engineering.

Milestone Projects

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Activities of our Indonesian companies
PT. Persada Sakti, and CV Talenta Mas who are our marketing arm in Indonesia is currently actively pursuing the Gas Engine Ignition Services and after-market sales, piping repair, hot tapping and affiliated work.

We provide after-market support such as ignition system upgrades and gas engine peripherals upgrade like starters systems and controls logic and monitoring system. We are also into parts sales for the ignition system and engine spares.

We also provide our clients the opportunity to revamp their old equipment like control panels and the end devices with new solid state design. With our knowledge on gas engine, we are able to package Gas Engine Driven Pump sets and Generators up to 5000KW. 

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