K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

9 & 11, Lorong IKS, Bukit Minyak 1D, 14000, Penang

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Fax 04-507 6306
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K FOIL is the Pioneer of Reflective Insulation Manufacturer in Malaysia since 1988. Prior to 1988,it was known as REEFOIL(1984-1988).K FOIL Reflective Insulation/Vapor Barrier is extensively used in various industries and known to be of premium quality.We procure and use only the high purity,99% ++ Aluminium content of Aluminium Foil.

We strictly control,maintain and continuously improve on the process to ensure only good quality products areĀ  delivered out from our factory.Our Reflective Insulation/Vapor Barrier used in Construction Industry as building wrapping for the roofing,wall,floor,HVAC Ducting etc.

Our products are suitable for any Radiant Barrier/Vapor Barrier requirement especially in the Packaging Industry where heat transfer via radiation and vapor barrier is critical.Our products are used as it is or can be further process to meet your final requirement.

Further,we had applied for Product Certification Scheme with SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd and some of our products certified by ‘BOMBA dan Penyelamat Malaysia’
Aside from our Reflective Insulation/Vapor Barrier Foil,we also provide other services to various industries and application:
Aside from our Reflective Insulation/Vapor Barrier Foil, we also provide other services:
Supplied ink coated paper e.g. Conductive black for inner layer of carton or board separator for electronic parts packing or single color coating for outer layer of carton/boxes.
Supplied laminated Paper/Foil or Paper/Film with or without reinforcement e.g. for production of carton/boxes.

Supplied laminated Film/Film,Foil/Film with or without reinforcement e.g. for wire&cable wrap or bottle cap seal.We provide lamination services on the supplied material or we can supply the laminates depends of material availability and the MOQ.

Supplied Paper/Film (thick gauge polymer layer) e.g. for food packing or for Steel sheet wrapping to ensure no oil smear/leaking out and prevent moisture transfer in that may cause rust.

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