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About Us
MES Moulding Equipment Supplies Sdn Bhd is an essential mould technologies resource to customers nationwide. Targeting the customers from trading and industrial areas, our core focus is to supply various moulding equipment and back this up with a holistic after sales support package.

Today’s mould-building process is complex and there are endless details and considerations that customers must take into account when building a mould. Being an essential resource to our customers means more than just providing quality products; it also means continuously working toward faster delivery accompanied by high levels of quality.

For the past 10 years, we had utilized our industry knowledge, engineering expertise and outside resources to develop technologies that help our customers to adapt with the innovations.

We have a reputation for quality and excellence. As part of that ongoing commitment, we will put more effort on implementing intense quality control procedures that guarantee your machine is provided at optimum performance.

Diamond & CBN Internal Grinding Wheels
Diamond mandrels are made from a single piece of steel and are hardened for maximum rigidity to best meet your application need. The diamond mandrels are utilized primarily for jig grinding of carbide tooling. CBN mandrels are utilized primarily for jig grinding of carbide tooling. Best used for high-speed steel tooling.

Internal Grinding Wheel
ID and Race Wheel availability encompasses over 1000 wheel sizes and most abrasive types.

Paper Disc Rubber Pad
D30mm long lasting, fast cutting durable discs made from quality bonded paper with strong adhesive. 150pcs/set. A disc holder is included. Apply for model 23500 rpm.

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr
The wide variety of shapes and sizes offered is intended to fill the complete needs of anyone with requirement for high quality precision burs. Used for shaping, smoothing and removing hardened steel, stainless steels, fired ceramic, plastics, hand woods.

Engineering Ceramics – Alumina & Zirconia
Ceramic materials like alumina and zirconia are made of an inorganic non-metallic oxide. Both of them provide excellent high temperature resistance, size stability, electric insulation, thermal shock resistance, extremely corrosion and wear resistance.

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