N & W Creative Sdn. Bhd.

63, Jalan 10, Taman Perindustnan Ehsan Jaya, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

Tel 03-6277 3275
019-212 0881
Fax 03-6277 3275
Email nhchuah@gmail.com

NW Creative Sdn Bhd is a fast growing manufacturing oriented company and it was formerly known as NH Furniture & Renovation. Due to the rapid growth of NH Furniture & Renovation, NW Creative Sdn Bhd was form to transfrom from an enterprise business to a private limited company.

Currently NW Creative is mainly focused on production, and in the future NW Creative plans to expand to another extent by providing a wider range of services such as interior design and 3D graphics.

In order to provide higher quality products and increase efficiency in production, Altendorf WA8 (German Technology) was use in the daily production of NW Creative. This allow NW Creative to provide faster delivery and higher quality of products to clients.

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