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Why Greening System Fails? 立體綠化技術失敗原因
This example comes from the Borough of Islington, London. The green wall was installed in 2006 at Children’s Centre Paradise Park and it contained 30 species of plants.
DSDHA architects and the Islington Council are currently trying to fix the improper irrigation system.

The irrigation system must be considered during the green wall design process if an improper system is used, it will not only increase the maintenance fee, but it will also cause the waste of labour, finance and other resources.
Problem for existing Green Wall. 现有绿墙可能面临的问题
The wrong practice in the market today results in greenwash landscape products of low stability and high maintenance costs.
The replacement costs are beyond estimates due to the death rates of poor systems


Reasons for failure(主要失敗原因)
1.Water pressure deficiency (外部供水无法做到稳压 / 水量不均匀)
The difference in levels results in an uneven distribution of water supplies.

2. Clogging of drip irrigation pipes and stability of water supplies

3. Failure to control water supplies according to plant conditions,
climate conditions or weather changes.

4. Failure to deal with plant infection.

5. High maintenance costs due to depend once on vendors. (后续維護需依賴专业产商,维护成本過大。)

6. Structural safety concerns.(结构安全永久性疑虑。)

How Octopus Design responsive proposals:
1.Avoiding the use of drip irrigation systems, hence making maintenance unnecessary and preventing clogging. Applying conical sieve/siphon cultivation methods and overflow of natural water level watering method.
避免使用滴灌系统,免除后续维护及堵塞問題。採用虹吸式种植法, 自然水位溢流澆灌。

2. Patented conical sieve/siphon cultivation methods will allow the plants continuous moisture retention and also the enhancing of the plants natural resistance in all season.
专利虹吸式种植法,使植物24小時保水,以建立天災的預防机制, 增強植物四季抵抗力。

3. . Our solutions contain professional state-of-the-art vertical farming with pre-planting seedling and cultivar sterile protection, avoiding any problem related to plant diseases.
我们的系统具备专业农场,於苗木进场前統一殺菌管理, 避免苗木病菌感染问题。

4. Octopus planting system, provides a simple structural
solution which is easy to deploy and maintain: post-deployment improvements
can be handled by the owners’ DIY efforts, avoiding any excessive costs
associated with professional maintenance services.
Octopus Design

5. Simulating the most productive natural growing environments,
Increasing the plans survival rate and growth , hence reducing the
risks of the cultivar plant mortality.

6. The System structure relies on non-toxic PE materials and steel frames,
providing stability and security to avoid any construction risks associated
with the green walls.

Octopus Design Green Energy-Saving Concept 节能绿化系统环保理念
Energy Efficiency and carbon reductions
1. Imitation of natural environments to enhance the resilience of plants.
2. High survival rates of plants to reduce maintenance costs.

3. Water storage concept to fully utilize water resources.
4. Non-drip irrigation system can combine with water recycling and sewage water reuse programs.
5. Water culture to allow the roots of plant to absorb nutrients effectively.

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