Onitek Sdn. Bhd.

PTD 16043, Jalan Teknologi 9, Kawasan Perindustrian Tangkak, 84900, Tangkak, Johor

Tel 06-978 7333
Fax 06-078 7222
Email hq@onitek.com.my

Onitek a name synonymous with prestige and style is located at Tangkak, Johor. It has been established since 1997 to manufacture aluminum home products and achieved excellence and dynamism in its production. Onitek has met the desires and dreams of homemakers and eliminate various kinds of problems for homemakers.

Aluminum home products had widely used throughout the world. Although times have been changed rapidly, it never bothered us though because we know the most important is our commitment to giving our customers the best in service and quality. Thus, we’re continuous to improve our products and quality and updated ourselves promptly in order to meet the need of the transform.

We launched different series and types of products from retro to modern which contains a different feeling for your home. Furthermore, we have updated ourselves by a better product design as well as the panel’s design, from fiberglass panel decor to poly glass panel decor. It is much stronger and can with stand a greater impact to ensure a greater durability.

To inspire sense of style, we took what is standard and let our customers to make their home looks unique and exceptional by let them to customize what they want. Product of Onitek, it will make your dreams become reality and looks perfect use of all space.

Recent, we have developed our own research and development team to come out with better ideas on our products and helping our customers to create a more quality and comfortable home.

Onitek, it will be your best idea for home.

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