Parents Resource 4 Autism (PR4A)

No. 17, Jalan 3/128A, Taman Bukit Aman. 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel 03-7982 1840
Fax 03-9057 3818

Who is PR4A
We are parents who have children with autism and related learning disorders. Our objective is to source for the latest and most successful methods for the treatment of autism to help our children realise their full potential.

We started informally more than 10 years ago at a time when very little was known about autism. We felt that we could do more if we rallied for one another by sharing information and giving mutual support. By year 2005, we were egistered formally to ensure a collective voice in pursuing issues affecting our children’s well being.

What Do We Want
– To provide mutual support and information to affected families;
– To raise awareness that with effective intervention, autism is treatable;
– To encourage parents  make informed choices and adopt  proven  therapies
– To get parents pool resources to bring in trained and qualified professionals
– To encourage networking with professionals

How Do We Do It
– We  meet on a regular/monthly basis to share information, draw on each others’ experiences and lend support to each other.
– We organize workshops and seminars on methods and topics that would help parents intervene effectively.
– We network online (  to share opinions , alert fellow parents of relevant events organised by other support groups and  touch base with members. We are also in the midst of developing our website, – We work with other organisations that advance the causes and the rights of the learning disabled community.

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