SL Roofing Sdn. Bhd

No.8, Jalan Perusahaan 3/3, 20 Miles, Rawang 48000 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel 03-6093 6801
Fax 03-6093 1607

We deliver our product with excellence and compelling way. Since 1994 SL Roofing has been providing creative and innovative design for businesses of all sizes to cope with the developing world today with new technologies available. We’ve helped clients transform their appearance with vital, practical, flexible solutions that meet their own changing needs as well as those of their customers. Our client’s success reflects our success.

No assignment is unimportant, and we will deliver projects on time and above expectations. SL Roofing is never satisfied until our work is recognized as the best that can be done for our clients.

Our clients are our partners. We share their vision and are dedicated to achieving their goals.

Excellence is the base standard from which we seek to improve. “Good enough” is never good enough for us.

We build Quality System to ensure production are with best quality.

Eagle Metal Awning
~ Eagle Metal Deck
~ Eagle Crimp Curve
~ Eagle Fascia Tile
~ Eagle Metal Tile
~ Eagle Roofing Tile
~ Eagle Semi Crimp Curve

Poly Glass Skylight
~ Excellent transparency
~ High plasticity – malleable into your requited shapes
~ Hit-resistent-unbreakable, and shockproof
~ Heat-resistent and with fire extinguishing features
~ Long-term anti-UV effectiveness
~ Saves electricity
~ Light weight but hard – only half the weight of glass and 250 times harder than glass and

Several hundred times harder than acrylic
~ Easy transportability and installation
~ Anti-theft

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