Tai Hoe Resources Sdn. Bhd. (29476-D)

21, Jalan Utama 2/6, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel 03-8060 3669
Fax 03-8060 4525
Email thrsb@taihoegroup.com

Tai Hoe Resources was established in October 1976 with the aim of providing engineering solutions for the environment. We provide cost-effective, engineering solutions to the growing problem of floods, water pollution, solid waste and waste / waste water containment.

Our stormwater management technology and Bio-Engineered Ecological waterways are the results of hard work by Tai Hoe Resources and its associates’ continued innovative research and development. Our commitment to search for excellence enables us to remain amongst the industry leaders.

Tai Hoe Resources is making valued contributions to the protection and restoration of the country’s waterways by providing a range of innovative technologies. For an integrated Stormwater Management System, there is the proprietary Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) and for erosion control solutions, we have the Profix Sandfilled Mattress, Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) and Turf Reinforcement Matrix (TRM) systems. We are recognised as provider of today’s innovative environmental solutions for the future and to better meet the country’s , communities’, industries’ and homes’ of such needs.

Tai Hoe Group of Companies operates in a dynamic industry and provides associated project management that includes design, construction, commissioning, monitoring, cleaning and maintenance services.

In our environmental system for solid waste (landfills) and water/waste-water containment, we provide HDPE Geomembranes and CETCO geosynthetic clay liners (GCL). We also represent Trelleborg marine fenders systems in the supply of marine fenders systems, berthing aid systems, Quick Release Hooks and bollards for ports, harbours and jetties in Malaysia.

We offer turnkey project management from design to commissioning, tailored towards customer’s requirements and needs. Tai Hoe Resources works very closely with government authorities (JPS and JKR), town councils, consulting engineers and contractors / developers in their choice of designs and systems.

Our systems and products are quality accredited. 

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