Bio-Focus Saintifik Sdn Bhd

13A, Block H, Jalan PJU 1A/3, Taipan 2 Damansara, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel 07-772 7077

Many of the medical discoveries and breakthroughs were made using our products, as a result patients are being treated. We provide our customers with the tools that aid them in their research and medical discoveries in the following areas:

Diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by microorganisms;
Detection and identification of blood diseases and disorders;
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer;
Testing of biological fluids such as blood and urine; and
Drug discovery.

Distribution Services
Biomedical Equipment, Reagents & Test-Kits     Biomedical Equipment, Reagents & Test-Kits

Our wide array of biomedical equipment, reagents, test-kits, laboratory equipment and laboratory ware are widely used in hospitals, blood banks and clinics for analysis and research in the areas of biochemistry, immunohisto-chemistry, haematology and microbiology. They are also extensively used in the industrial sector and at locations such as tertiary institutions, food and beverage manufacturing facilities and automotive plants.

The biomedical equipment are used to examine specimens such as blood and tissue donations derived from the human body, solely for the purpose of providing information in the following areas:

> Concerning a physiological or pathological condition;
> Concerning a congenital abnormality;
> To determine the safety and compatibility with potential recipients; and To monitor therapeutic measures.

In addition, we also provide reagents and test-kits which are usually disposed after use. The reagents such as glucose, urea and albumin are usually used together with the biomedical equipment to initiate a chemical reaction, to be used in biochemistry testing in chemical laboratories. The test-kits are used to conduct quick tests on specimens for a specific result such as to test for the presence of specific virus and bacteria and for identifying blood group type and antibodies.  

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