Ladder Technology Industrial Sdn. Bhd.

5-A, Lorong Sentosa 4A, Taman Bayu Tinggi, 42000, Klang, Selangor

Tel 03-3325 9415
03-3318 2913
Fax 03-3325 9401

Ladder Technology provides One Stop Ladder Solutions to all industrial and individual customers. We specializes in manufacturing various types of ladders. We provides high quality of aluminium ladders, timber ladders, fiberglass ladders to our customers.

Products Uniqueness
* Provides customization ladders upon customers requirement.
* Offers ladder products with safety features.
* All the products are made of high quality and characterized in safety, solidity, durability, beautiful  and individual design.
* Provides high quality products with longer product shelf life.

Ladder Technology Philosophy
There are 7 main focus points for us to produce excellent products:

* Floor Condition
* Purpose of Usage
* Height Required
* Product recommendation based on material used for specific utilization
* Product’s standard & step’s loading capacity
* Products maintenance advices
* Safety awareness advices

Aluminium Ladder
Ladder Technology provides several type of high quality aluminium ladders with safe features from light duty ladders, medium  duty ladders and heavy duty ladders.

Customized Ladder
Ladder Technology gives our best to understand customers needs and requirement to customized ladder products that suit to customers expectation.
Product Examples: Cat Ladder Product Range, Emergency Escape Rope wooden ladder and Library Ladder  & Oil Tank Mobile Ladder

Fiberglass Ladder
The Non-conductive Fiberglass ladders are designed for regukar use by handymen. It is ideal ladder products for homeowners, painters, electricians, carpenters and commercial users.
The ladders have Non-conductive capabilities with rugged construction and outstanding economy.

Specialty: Molded plastic top for tools quart can and small parts tray.

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