Pollux Battery Express Wholesales (001940375-P)

P10/21, Section 10, Selaman Industrial Park, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel 03-9281 5191
012-204 1868
Fax 03-2772 0913
Email allison@polluxbattery.com

5 & 10 years design life at floating condition
Special lead calcium alloy plate
Rechargeable and highly efficient
Gas recombination
Maintenance free operation
High capability absorptive clapboard
VRLA valve regulated
Low pressure venting system
Absortive Glass Mat System (AGM System)
Sealed construction
Heavy duty grids
Industrial grade
Can be used at vertical or horizontal position
High receovery capability
Low self – discharge rate, long shelf life
Leak proof & spill proof
Consistent power
Reliable one-way safety valve

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